Innovation is the most important driver of economic growth and of maintaining international competitiveness. In this context, the translation of innovation into economic and employment value is vital. From the outset, Campus Biotech has, in various ways, reflected this, providing outreach initiatives, community-based services and more. So, while a part of the building is reserved for the industrial world, the Biotech Innovation Park Campus hosts start-ups, while the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering is an essential part of the Campus Biotech ecosystem, playing the role of an accelerator for innovative ideas and a catalyst for the transfer of technology from research to industry in the field of neurotechnologies.

By supporting this translational aspect, Campus Biotech helps researchers transform their work into products and companies take advantage of the technologies that result. Thus, Campus Biotech represents a unique opportunity to position the Lake Geneva region and Switzerland at the forefront of innovation through concrete, transformative accomplishments in the fields of neuroscience and digital health, both of which are sources of new products and solutions that have economic and employment value.

Enterprises and start-ups contribute to this new ecosystem

Spaces are reserved for the accommodation and promotion of companies related to applied research carried out at Campus Biotech or which take advantage of the critical mass present on the site. There is also a space operated by the Hôpitaux Universitaires Genevois (HUG), which further reinforces Campus Biotech’s translational focus.

The presence on the Campus Biotech site of this scientific and industrial community contributes to the strengthening of the Health Valley, our world class community and to positioning the region at the forefront of research and development in the field of life sciences.