The Human Neuroscience Platform (HNP) of the Foundation Campus Biotech (FCBG) is seeking a full-time “Neuromodulation Facility Manager” to coordinate the Neuromodulation facility and develop methodologies such as multimodal applications of brain stimulation techniques with fMRI or EEG, modelling of neuro-stimulation effects and novel paradigms for neuromodulation. As the facility is open to all researchers (and more specifically those of the Campus Biotech) the thematic topics the whole range of systems neuroscience.

Description du poste

The appointee will run the Neuromodulation facility of the Human Neuroscience Platform at Campus Biotech. He/she will work in tight collaboration with the MRI and EEG facilities of the HNP. One key project will be the development of concurrent application of TMS/TES and fMRI and the computational analyses of effects of neuromodulation. The appointee will benefit from a rich research environment in systems neuroscience with excellent neuroscience, neuro-engineering and computational expertise within the Campus Biotech.


  • Management of the Neuromodulation Facility, supervision and management of all equipment, software, hardware of this facility
  • Supervision of research protocols carried out within the facility, support and advice for projects performed in the facility
  • Application of safety rules within the facility
  • Integration (and/or development) of new technologies, such as TMS-fMRI at Campus Biotech
  • Data analysis and modelling: Modelling of electric and magnetic fields to improve neuromodulation effects in healthy subjects and neuropsychiatric patients, computational modelling of the effects of neuromodulation on a network level...
  • Interaction and communication with scientific, medical and industrial partners of the FCBG
Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva

Profil requis


-          Ph.D. or equivalent, preferably in Biomedical engineering/imaging, physics, mathematics or related field

Technical skills and experience

-          Experience in neuromodulation, neuroimaging, computational neuroscience or modelling.

-          Programming abilities with Matlab, C and C++, Python

-          Excellent communication skills

-          Strong publication record

-          Experience in signal/image processing

Others skills

-          Essential

o   Team player, autonomous, creative, and solution-oriented

o   Proficient in English (mandatory) and in French (plus).

-          Desirable

o   Experience of working on different projects at the same time.

o   Experience in multidisciplinary international groups


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Campus Biotech is a new hub for cognitive and neuroscience research that hosts laboratories from EPFL, UNIGE and HUG working in preclinical and clinical research, as well as in neuroengineering technology research and development. Five major neuroscience and engineering platforms containing expert staff and advanced technology support these efforts.