When conducting a behavioural experiment on a subject, it is crucial to be able to record physiological signals in response to external stimuli. These measures are, in effect, more reliable and more objective than a simple observation.  They take into consideration the subject's emotional (stress, fear, happiness) and physical (heart rate, muscular activity) state. They include the breathing rate and heart rate, the quantity of air exhaled, skin conductivity, pupil dilation, gaze direction, force exerted on a sensor.

The Psycho-physiological platform at Campus Biotech brings together the equipment for receiving these signals:

  • An eye-tracker to record gaze direction and the size of the pupils
  • Four classic "Biopac" units to which different peripheral measurements can be connected: heart rate, breathing rate, quantity of air exhaled, skin conductivity, force, muscular activity
  • One wireless « Biopac » unit to monitor physiological signals freedom in movement is required; e.g. with Virtual Reality or sports experiments.

The platform also includes the same kind of test cabins as those used for EEG. In an isolated acoustic environment they make it possible to give the subject visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli.


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