Photo: Gen Suisse.

The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) has awarded the 2021 Curt Stern Prize to Emmanouil Dermitzakis, Professor in the Department of Genetic and Developmental Medicine (Faculty of Medicine). Named after the pioneering geneticist Curt Stern, the annual award recognizes researchers in genetics and genomics who have made significant scientific contributions over the past decade.

Said ASHG President Gail Jarvik: "Professor Dermitzakis' use of genetic variation to understand domains of chromatin regulation offers a fresh look at the transregulatory potential of the genome." Emmanouil Dermitzakis was one of the first scientists to reveal the importance of non-coding DNA in evolution and disease susceptibility. The scientist has also played a leading role in many major international genetics projects such as ENCODE, HapMap, GTEx and, more recently, in the International Common Disease Alliance (ICDA).