The team

HEPIA Tissue-Engineering Laboratory belongs to the University of Applied Sciences West Switzerland (HES-SO) and the Engineering School of Geneva (HEPIA). The laboratory is located at the Campus Biotech Geneva, Switzerland and benefits from facilities of the Campus Biotech and the engineering school. The laboratory team of ~10 people - half engineers and half biologists is managed by Prof. Adrien Roux (Head of the lab).  

The main engineering activity of the laboratory is the development of technical platforms to promote new in vitro models including biochips and the tools such as remote control of the fluidic system and the control of specific readouts, i.e imaging, electrophysiology or bio-impedance. 

The main biological activity of the laboratory is the development of in vitro models with a specialization in the field of neurobiology based on 3D neural tissues derived from human iPSCs and based on human blood brain barrier derived from human cord blood cells. The visualisation of 3D nerve tissue can be performed using different microscopes and, in particular, with a confocal microscope or light-sheet imaging.

We are also validating other types of in vitro models (pulmonary, kidney and gut barriers) for specific projects or collaborations. We are running in vitro assay on viability, membrane integrity for biocompatibility testing of drugs and materials as well.

We have all the required knowledge and facilities to design and manufacture biochip prototypes and integrated lab on a chip, all necessary data acquisition equipment to monitor tissues and the expertise to perform biocompatibility tests.