Fabrice Teroni is Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department of the University of Geneva and project manager at the National Pole Switzerland Search for Affective Sciences (NCCR).

After a PhD on memory at the University of Geneva, he taught at the universities of Neuchâtel and Bern. It is mainly active in the fields of philosophy of mind and epistemology, with a strong interest in perceptual states, memory and emotional. His recent research, conducted as part of the group of rechercheThumos - the Geneva Research Group Values ​​and Standards - focus on the general theory of emotions, the role of the sense of familiarity in the memory and the emotions generated by the fiction.

Fabrice Teroni is currently leading several research projects on the analysis of rationality in terms of knowledge (FNS, Geneva), on the relationship between emotions and focus (NCCR for Affective Sciences, NSF) and the dynamic aspects of perceptual experiences and affective (FNS, Geneva). His draft stock SNSF Professor (Freiburg) concerns the distinction between method and content, and began in September 2015.