Related programs

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE) is established in Uni Mail at the University of Geneva, where the majority of its research teams are located, but has also built up a presence in Campus Biotech, notably with six research groups in the psychology section.

Heir to a long research history in the development and teaching of children and adults, the FPSE contains two sections: Psychology and Educational Sciences and the Learning and Teaching Technology Unit (TECFA). The research domains covered by the FPSE are constantly being developed and it is understandable that one part of the psychology research teams has already been oriented towards neuroscience for many years.

Integrating cognitive, affective and neuroscientific approaches in humans, the researchers in these teams are interested in various domains within psychology. Different aspects of human behaviour such as decision-making, the sensation of pain, emotional processes or attentional control and its development during childhood are studied in a multidisciplinary manner by combining behavioural and physiological approaches, brain imaging (MRIf, EEG, NIRS) and virtual reality.