The announcement of the closure of Merck Serono's headquarters in 2012 had both economic and human consequences. The closure was, however, the starting point of a challenge and an extraordinary opportunity: Campus Biotech.

In May 2013, Merck Serono announced that the consortium comprising the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), the University of Geneva (UNIGE), the Bertarelli family and Hansjörg Wyss had won the bid for the acquisition of its site in Sécheron, giving rise to Campus Biotech. The new ecosystem which is now developing, makes it possible to position the Lemanic region at the forefront of global research in the field of neurosciences and bioengineering. To this end, the center brings together scientists from all walks of life, in order to support resolutely transdisciplinary approaches. Developments in these fields are no longer satisfied by a biological or medical approach. Engineers are fully integrated, bringing their skills in micro and nanotechnology, communications systems, microelectronics and computing.

The campus functions like a giant incubator. Given the quality of the partners, the tools and resources available, Campus Biotech is part of the long tradition of interdisciplinarity and excellence of our region.

Thus a serious crisis has turned into a real opportunity: Campus Biotech, not only allows exceptional people to explore new avenues in optimal conditions, but enriches our region with a new engine of innovation, development and growth.