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The Swiss Group of Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Therapy

The 4th ESPT (European Society and Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Therapy) Summer School will be held for the first time in Geneva, at Campus Biotech, from September 24th to September 27th 2018 and will be followed on September 28th by the FEAM Conference 2018 on Precision Medicine and Personalised Health.


Following the success of the previous three ESPT Summer Schools in Belgrade (2016), Ljubljana (2012) and Rome (2014), the Education and Courses Division of ESPT has designed a comprehensive educational program in the multidisciplinary field of pharmacogenomics and personalized therapy together with the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN).


This program includes both the fundamentals of pharmacogenomics as well as the latest knowledge on established and novel concepts in the field of precision medicine, as well its advanced clinical applications in personalized health. The title this year for the summer school will be: “Precision Medicine and Personalized Health”.


The summer school will consist of lectures, held by distinguished international faculty that will cover key topics in novel concepts and clinical applications in precision medicine. Sessions will be interactive and workshops with the participants will be organized.


It is arranged as an intensive teaching and learning event that will raise the education levels in pharmacogenomics and personalized therapy several steps higher. Innovative and original programming will enable to present, share, debate and conclude on the opportunity to translate genetic laboratory test results into actionable prescribing decisions, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in the use of personalized medicine for improving patient care in the clinical setting.