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Campus Biotech Innovation Park


Genilem, Campus Biotech Innovation Park

Starting a business requires a variety of knowledge, skills and decision making, be it at the administrative, legal, strategic, operational, marketing, sales, etc. level.

During two days, our trainers guide you on the best tools to master for the development of a viable and innovative project, and offer practical advice for a simple and concrete use.

The tools on the program:

  • The Empathy map: observe and understand your potential users
  • The Canvas Value Proposition: develop a service that meets the needs of your customers
  • The Business Model Canvas: build a business model that generates money
  • The different prototypes: learn how to build your first tests
  • The Business Plan: steer your project over time and interest potential investors or partners.
  • The investment plan: Determine how much money you need to get started.
  • The cash flow statement: monitor your cash flow to ensure that your funds are always sufficient to operate
  • Legal structures: understand the differences between RI, Sarl or SA and choose an adapted structure.
  • The statutes of a Sàrl or SA
  • The partnership pact: creating the right foundation for a healthy relationship
  • Employment contracts

Prerequisite: have a business idea