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How and why do technology businesses (start-ups and major groups) invest in cultural and heritage projects? Where do technological innovations lie in these fields?

These are the types of questions for which the ArtTech Forum was created. The event, organised in association with HEAD – Genève, Geneva School of Art and Design at the institute’s new Campus from October 2018 11th to 12th, will bring together an international community of researchers, engineers, scientists and representatives of the cultural and economic sectors at seminars and round-table discussions that will feature more than 40 participants.

From the presentation of projects carried out by large museums, heritage sites and universities, to presentations that showcase the ever-closer links between culture and entertainment and the new relationships between the art market and technology, this yearly gathering will provide participants with a unique opportunity to create ties that will eventually help develop new projects.

Launched during the first Forum in 2017, a start-up competition will welcome young entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative industry. A public vote will reward the best start-up with the ArtTech Prize, showcasing the innovation market in the field. This initiative also serves to illustrate new models of financing and investment in the cultural sector.

Campus Biotech will welcome on October 11th at 18:30 Prof. Henry Markram’s conference, « Brain is beautiful », followed by a social event.



The ArtTech Foundation: Science and Technology in the Service of Art and Culture

The ArtTech Foundation was created in the spring of 2017 with the aim of establishing a platform for exchange, meetings and think tanks to help bring together two usually distant worlds. Aiming to develop its activities on a national and international level, the Foundation hopes to help preserve and enhance cultural heritage by stimulating reflection on the contributions of new technologies and supporting pioneering, disruptive and innovative projects at the crossroads of culture, art, technology and science. It also hopes to create a favourable environment for the emergence of high-potential start-ups in the field.