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How can quantum tech grow your business? How does its commercialization affect your industry? What do you need to know to stay ahead of the curve? 

It’s no secret that quantum technologies are about to change the landscape for business as we know it. At The Future of Quantum Businesses, you will learn how to leverage these innovations to gain a competitive advantage. 

Join us at The Future of Quantum Businesses at Campus Biotech on November 27 to get face-to-face with the sharpest minds and most innovative companies in the commercialization of Quantum Technologies. Here are just a few of the themes you’ll explore: 

-Quantum Safe Security and Networks. 
-Quantum computing for bioinformatics and genomics, machine learning and optimization. 
-Why now is the right time to invest in Quantum Technologies. 

Whether you're founder, an investor, part of a corporation or an expert in your field, step into the Future of Quantum Businesses for a one-day journey to the epicentre of progress.