Lieu / Hôte

Campus Biotech, Auditorium H8 01.

Le Temps

Le Temps, with the support of Campus Biotech and in partnership with Vontobel, is organizing the 4th edition of Horizon 2019.

The Forum will bring together the world-leading economic players to present the Swiss and global economic trends and will discuss, among others, the following questions:

What should we expect for the year 2019? Can the global economy process the end of zero rate? How does the banking sector see its future? What should the watch industry learn from the Apple Watch arrival? Can mountain tourism adapt to climate change and restore a taste for skiing? What does management 4.0 look like? What future for the press in the face of Google and other social networks?  What should we expect from the latest advances in life sciences?

Please follow the link below to check the program and register for the conference: