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Campus Biotech, main auditorium


Innovation Ecosystems - Insights from Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv

What characterizes innovation ecosystems? Are they drivers of regional innovation and development or catalyzers for global impact? These questions will be the focus of a public conference organized for the 20th anniversary of UNITEC, the technology transfer office of the University of Geneva, the Geneva University Hospital and the University of Applied Sciences Geneva. This conference is in English.

The conference will begin with a talk by Mary Albertson, Associate Director of the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), Stanford University, and Gil Granot-Mayer, CEO of Yeda, the Technology Transfer Office of the Weizmann Institute of Science. They will give valuable insights from two of the most dynamic innovation ecosystems in the world, the Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, and illustrate their prominent role in generating innovative products and processes.

How is the Lake Geneva region performing in relation to the above-described ecosystems? What transformation has been taking place during the last 20 years in the Lemanic arc ecosystem and what will the future hold for our regional cluster of innovation? To answer these questions, Patrick Aebischer, former President of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Antoine Geissbühler, Director of digital transformation of the University of Geneva will join the speakers for a panel discussion.

To conclude the conference, UNITEC will present a special award to their most impactful discoveries and spin-offs of the last 20 years.

The entrance is free but registration is necessary:

A networking aperitif will follow the public lecture.