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Campus Biotech Innovation Park - SDG Solution Space (groundfloor) / Avenue de Secheron 15, 1202 Geneva

Geneva SDG Solution Space

Do you want to learn how to optimise your nutrition and health by eating real, nutritious food? Then this event, dedicated to health and well-being (SDG3) is definitely for you! 

In the workshop, we cover how to introduce simple nutritious foods like fermented vegetables, nuts and seeds, in our daily routine. After a bit of theory, we will make fermented vegetables in brine. 

A healthy and nutritious aperitif will be served at the end of the workshop. 

A few words about our speakers-specialists:

Suzanne Drouet is the founder of  You ferment, an online platform dedicated to fermentation. Suzanne gives fermentation workshops in Geneva and has for mission to inspire others to ferment and to consume more fermented foods.

Rowana Statham is the founder of NOSH ROCKS, a learning company to inspire people to understand what is in our food, the impact on our bodies and the how to incorporate great tasting nutritious food for Radiant health. NOSH ROCKS Not Only Slim but Healthy, RO’s Carb-cutting Keto System.

Price - Cash only;
Public: CHF30 
For students - with a presentation of a student card: CHF10

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