At the Laboratory of Multimodal Modeling of Emotion & Feeling, they are looking for MSc Interns (Master 2 level) to develop and implement VR experiments to test predictions of their main model, the Projective Consciousness Model (PCM). 

Description du poste

Job Description

The Laboratory of Multimodal Modeling of Emotion & Feeling combine computational models of psychological processes with Virtual Reality (VR) and develop tools in VR for psychological science. In particular, they are interested in simulating social interactions among virtual agents and between virtual agents and human participants to test mechanistic hypotheses about social perspective taking and emotion regulation. 

The VR experiments will involve the implementation of a serious game around the infiltration of a terrorist complex, confronting participants to stressful situations of moral dilemma, requiring actions based on theory of mind, with conflicts of approach-avoidance, and variable time pressure. 
The MSc interns will implement the experiments, including:

  • 3D modeling and animation
  • 3D design of virtual environments
  • Integration of the environment, level design and lighting in Unity3D
  • Create various complex 3D animations for virtual humans
  • Integration of animations mechanics in Unity3D
  • Staging with cut-scenes 
  • Software development
  • Create game mechanics and interactions methods in Unity3D
  • Data collection (behaviours of approach-avoidance, joint attention, eye-tracking, subjective ratings, and physiological measurements)
  • Implement interface between the PCM and the VR experiment
  • Piloting expertise
  • Contribution to piloting and fine tune the experiments with human participants.
Yvain Tisserand

Profil requis

They are looking for two excellent candidates with a strong engineering background and interest or initial training in psychological science. A close collaboration between the two MSc Interns will be required to create the VR application. 

  • One candidate should be specialized in modelling and animation, his work includes the creation of virtual environment, the animation of the virtual humans and its integration in Unity3D. The candidate needs good skills in computer graphics technologies, including 3D modelling, 3D animation, environment lighting and integration of content for real-time application in Unity3D. 
  • The second candidate will oversee the software development of the experiment based on the defined scenario. He will create game mechanics and data collection. A good knowledge of programming in C# is required, as well as expertise in Virtual Reality game creation in Unity3D.

The internship is for MSc level students performing their 5/6-months final research project in 2020. The position is full-time at the MMEF Lab on Campus Biotech. Interns will be compensated with a stipend of 1550 CHF/month.


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