Lieu / Hôte

Campus Biotech, Auditorium H8


We are delighted to invite you to our first training day "Sexuality, Oncology and Proctology" which will take place on Monday, February 3, 2020 at Campus Biotech.

This is a unique day organized within the framework of the annual training course of the Proctology Unit of the University Hospitals of Geneva, where topics related to the intimate sphere of our patients will be discussed.

Through exciting lectures and interactive discussions, this day will give you the opportunity to openly address problems centred on the perineum which have a direct impact on the sexual health of your patients, a parameter so important to their quality of life.

This day of training for professionals will conclude with a public lecture in music entitled "Science and Art of Desire".

We are very pleased to offer you a setting where you can interact with experts on an exciting topic and we look forward to welcoming you to Campus Biotech for this "Sexuality, Oncology and Proctology" day.