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#Versusvirus, 48 hours against Covid-19!
Are you an artist, biologist, humanitarian, geek, social worker, journalist, nurse, engineer, developer, pastor, computer scientist, student, secretary, designer?

Are you simply a citizen committed to the development of solutions to fight and treat Covid-19?

Participate in the virtual hackathon #versusvirus from 3 to 5 April all over Switzerland!

For 48 hours, people from all over Switzerland, coming from various backgrounds, will work together to find solutions to the challenges we are currently facing or will soon face in the following areas: protection of risk groups, prevention of proliferation, data against fakes news, economic impact, quarantine and mental health, hospital and care, family and children, training, home and team work, etc. After the crisis, support and solidarity, art and culture, crime reduction...

How to participate to this unique initiative?

Participate by registering before 02 April 2020 !

Offer a challenge to teams to work during the 48 hours of the hackathon before March 31, 2020!

Offer your expertise to the teams already present during the hackathon by becoming a mentor

Support #versusvirus through your organization (see contribution options : funding, support for coaching after the hackathon...). 

Share hackathon information through your network (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube)  

Inspired by #WirVsVirus Hackathon (15,000 participants in Germany) and HackCrisis (Poland), the whole of Switzerland wanted to organize this unique event, under the patronage of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). #VersusVirus was initiated by Impact Hub Switzerland and organized in collaboration with numerous partners such as Medgate, Panter, Powercoders,, Gebert Rüf Stiftung, digitalswitzerland, Staatslabor, Swisscom, ETH Entrepreneur Club, forums, and many more. 

In French-speaking Switzerland, Open Geneva has joined forces with several actors to make this national event resonate at the local level (EPFL Tech4Impact, eqlosion, We Start, SocialUp, Utopia International and Impact Hub Geneva and Impact Hub Lausanne).