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Virtual event

Genilem, Campus Biotech Innovation Park

You have an idea, a dream, a lot of energy, and the desire to undertake. Where do you start? How do you sort through the multitude of information and resources available to the entrepreneur? Genilem's information session aims to present the different steps to take to get off to a good start and minimize the risks involved in setting up your business. They also propose to answer the most frequently asked questions that arise during the start-up phase around 5 themes:

  • Idea: how do I know if my idea is a good business one? Will my idea be stolen if I talk about it?
  • Team: can I start on my own? Where and how do I choose my partners properly?
  • Money: how much money do I need to start a start up? Where and how do I find investors?
  • Structure: which legal structure should I choose to start?
  • Execution: what are the key skills to get started?

Finally, they will also ask these questions to an entrepreneur accompanied by GENILEM, who will share his experiences and his life as an entrepreneur. Registration is required!