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Here are the 9 themes of the Crisis and Resilience Innovation Fund:

  • Telework, mobility, workspaces and occupational health
  • Technologies in support of retailers and restaurateurs
  • Strategic, Organizational and Financial Resilience of SMEs
  • Future of events and business tourism
  • Training, learning and evaluation
  • Sustainable expression, culture and fashion
  • Automation in high-risk professions and areas
  • Makers and digital manufacturing for local production
  • Remote project implementation for International Organizations and NGOs

These themes will be treated collectively according to the principles of open innovation at the Geneva Resilience Hack from 12 to 14 June. This moment of co-creation and collective innovation, facilitated by professional coaches, will produce 3-4 very concrete projects for each theme. Some of these projects will continue and will be supported through a crowdsupport campaign, including participatory funding and in-kind contributions to keep the project going.

The next steps :

  • Registration for the hackathon: From Friday 29th May, choose your theme and register for the hackathon.
  • Team building : From May 29th to June 10th, teams are formed on the Open Geneva platform. 

Each theme will bring together up to 30 people.
The people of each theme will have until the beginning of the hackathon to exchange and propose 3 or 4 precise projects on which subgroups of 6/8 people will work during the hackathon. An Open Geneva moderator will ensure the distribution of people and team composition in the different projects of the theme at the launch of the hackathon.

Hackathon: See you on the weekend of June 12-13-14 for a 100% online hackathon!

Don't hesitate to talk about our project around you!

Thanks to you,
With kind regards

The Open Geneva team