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Hi everyone,
The methods & data facility of the Foundation Campus Biotech Geneva (FCBG) is starting a new edition of the Neuroimaging Data Science course. The course is organized around two modules – data science and neuroimaging – in addition of a general introduction on WED 16 SEPT 11AM-12PM during which participants will set up their laptop for future lectures:

General course introduction: WED 16 SEPT 11AM-12PM
Introduction to Data Science


  • Part 1/3: FRI 25 SEPT 10AM-12PM
  • Part 2/3: THU 01 OCT 10AM-12PM
  • Part 3/3: TUE 06 OCT 10AM-12PM


  • Part 1/2: WED 14 OCT 10AM-12PM
  • Part 2/2: MON 19 OCT 10AM-12PM


  • Part 1/4: WED 28 OCT 10AM-12PM
  • Part 2/4: TUE 03 NOV 10AM-12PM
  • Part 3/4: WED 11 NOV 10AM-12PM
  • Part 4/4: WED 18 NOV 10AM-12PM

Intro to Machine Learning (with Python)

  • Part 1/2: MON 23 NOV 10AM-12PM
  • Part 2/2: WED 02 DEC 10AM-12PM

Full project example (including everything seen so far)

  • FRI 11 DEC 10AM-12PM

Introduction to Data Science applied to NeuroImaging

  • FAIR data
  • WED 24 FEB 10AM-12PM

Preprocessing pipelines [MRI / EEG]

  • WED 03 MAR 10AM-12PM

GLM analysis [MRI]

  • WED 10 MAR 10AM-12PM

Machine Learning applied to fMRI task [MRI]

  • WED 17 MAR 10AM-12PM

Machine learning applied to functional connectivity [MRI]

  • WED 24 MAR 10AM-12PM

EEG-MRI project example AND/OR Course QCM

  • WED 31 MAR 10AM-12PM

This course aims at teaching the basics of neuroimaging data science and requires NO prerequisites aside owning (and bringing) a laptop, i.e. everyone is welcome no matter their background.

You can register to the course by filling this form. Registration is FREE but MANDATORY.

The course is highly interactive, therefore physical presence is encouraged if no medical condition suggests avoiding it. We will try to provide remote content, however resources dedicated to remote access may be limited. We will do our best to host as many participants as possible within an environment following all existing guidelines to limit COVID19 spread. As a result there may be space limitations and it is highly recommended to register as soon as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you at the course,

Michael Dayan for the Methods & Data facility, FCBG