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Entrepreneurship Week is a global event that brings together nearly 170 countries every year in November around the theme of entrepreneurship. The Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to encourage entrepreneurial vocations and to bring together, once a year, all the scattered initiatives in terms of advice and encouragement for business creation at a global level.  

Since 2011, the University of Geneva (UNIGE), under the impetus of its technology transfer office Unitec, DGDERI, FER Geneva, WIPO, UNCTAD, HES-SO Geneva and GENILEM, has been working with numerous public and private partners as well as student associations to organise the Geneva edition of World Entrepreneurship Week and to offer a multitude of events to stimulate creativity and the desire to be entrepreneurial.  

This Geneva edition is placed under the initiative "free up your ideas", a week whose objective is to provide a platform for support, exchange of ideas and networking for all those who wish to carry out a project or innovate. The aim of this initiative within UNIGE is to raise awareness among students of the opportunities offered by entrepreneurship and to provide them with tools and practical advice to help them turn an idea into reality, whatever their background.