In order to support open-source research involving skills and groups from various institutions, Campus Biotech has favored flexibility in its organisation. Knowing that each project needs specific resources, the research tools that have been gathered on cutting-edge analysis platforms are available to researchers and their collaborators whether they are based on-site or off-site.

Five major platforms are now established:

  1. Human Neurosciences Platform (HNP)
  2. Preclinical Neuroscience Platform (PNP)
  3. System Integration Platform (SIP)
  4. Neural Microsystem Platform (NMP)
  5. Health 2030 Genome Center Sequencing Platform

These major research platforms support the entire pipeline of neurotechnology development, from prototype device fabrication through to human pilot trials. Each platform has a number of core facilities that provide advanced technology and staff to enable state-of-the-art basic and translational research. Use of the platforms is a truly unique combination offered to neuroscientists and engineers to support the translation of their neurotechnology ideas from the lab into the clinical setting.

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