The Wyss Center Geneva is an independent, not-for-profit, organization that provides the expertise, facilities and financial resources to transform creative neuroscience research into clinical solutions that will improve the lives of people with nervous system disorders. 
The Center’s experienced multidisciplinary neurotechnology development team from industry and academia provides the integrated scientific, engineering, clinical, regulatory and business expertise required to guide high-risk, high reward projects on their journey from research to product. 

Description du poste

We are developing an Advanced Light sheet Imaging Center (ALICe) for neuroscience. It integrates a series of cutting edge and custom-tailored microscopes aimed at imaging whole organs at high temporal and/or spatial resolutions (COLM/SPED light sheet microscope see. Tomer et al., Cell 163, 2015 and a mesoSPIM see Open-source light-sheet microscopy for imaging in cleared tissue (the Swiss mesoSPIM initiative) by F.F. Voigt et al, FENS 2018, Berlin.
Exploring and analyzing micrometer scale volumetric data creates new challenges to neuroscience researchers, because classical 2D tools prove impractical in this case. As part of the project VISTO (Virtual Histology), a prototype Virtual Reality based tool has been developed by the team in 2017 (see Analyzing volumetric anatomical data with immersive virtual reality tools by Pages S., Reymond al. SFN 2017, Washington DC) and has shown great potential to interactively view and analyze brain data in an immersive, interactive 3D environment. The objective is to further develop this tool, and to create a complete processing pipeline including innovative 3D exploration and analysis tools.
The candidate will design and develop a fully operational analysis toolset suited to the needs of the neuroscientists, by combining the following:

- direct volume rendering techniques
- algorithms for structural analysis (including machine learning solutions),

- interactive performance using CPU and GPU technology
- natural user interface in virtual


This research will create opportunities for publications in the fields of both computer vision and neuroscience methods. Close collaborations with world-renowned neuroscience research teams will be key to the success of this project. The project will be co-supervised by Gilles Reymond, Eng., PhD and Stéphane Pagès, PhD.

Wyss Center administration

Profil requis

- Excellent background in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. Background in Neurosciences is a plus.

- Very strong programming skills, experience in Virtual Reality is a plus.

- Ability to collaborate closely with colleagues in a multicultural setting.

- French language skills are not required, English is mandatory.


Applications must be sent by email to: Wyss Center Administration (  They must contain a statement of interest and a CV.


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