The Health 2030 Genome Center serves as leading house for Swiss genomic medicine by supporting and facilitating research and clinical activities nationally in the areas of genetics and genomics. The Genome Center is developing a vibrant genomics community to achieve its aims.

The Genome Center is based in Campus Biotech which is a new hub of neuroscience that hosts laboratories from EPFL, UNIGE, HUG and partner organisations working in preclinical and clinical neuroscience research, neuroengineering technology research and development at the basic, translational and applied stages. 

In this context, we are looking to fill a position in our analysis and development team.

Description du poste


  • Develop, deploy and maintain pipelines for genomic and transcriptomic data analysis for research and clinical purposes
  • Benchmark and validate external tools
  • Develop new methods, algorithms and tools as needed by the scientific community of the Genome Center and its customers
  • Support the analytical needs of Genome Center and customer projects
  • Interact with lab manager and technical staff of the Genome Center Sequencing Platform
  • Participate in data related activities of the Genome Center
  • Interact with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva

Profil requis

Education / Skills

  • At least 3 years of experience with DNA and RNA sequence analysis
  • Good foundation in computer science and software development
  • Demonstrated record in development of data processing pipelines
  • Experience with computer clusters and/or cloud computing
  • Experience with the Java and Scala ecosystems is an advantage

Job information

  • Open-ended contract
  • Starting date: Immediate
  • Percent activity:100%


Applications should include a CV, a cover letter and reference letters, and should be send by email to: administration(at)


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