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For Brainhack Open Geneva 2020, a 2 ½ day hackathon on brain technologies will take place at Campus Biotech on 27 - 28 March, with project pitches presented on 26 March at 5pm. For this hackathon participants will gather to work on a selection of projects, and we are now looking for project instigators to propose a variety of projects.

As a project instigator, your role would be to propose an idea of project feasible in 2 ½ day by a group of 2-8 participants. The idea is for you to simply provide the big picture of your idea (cf previous projects here and there) and help guide the participants to your project goal according to what they come up with during the hackathon. 

Researchers not familiar with programming and data processing are also highly encouraged to propose a project: they do not need to know any technical details as project participants are the ones typically coming up with implementation ideas for the project goal.  Additionally, non-technical researchers could also propose projects without any technological aspect, and focusing on addressing a problem for which brainstorming with other experts in non-technological fields would be highly beneficial (e.g. creating novel guidelines). 

The only requirements are for all content created during the Brainhack to be fully available to others. The code of projects is typically shared on GitHub. We even had a project on generating music from brain MRI signal at the last Brainhack, and the resulting files were shared on SoundCloud with an open license. 

If you are interested, it would be fantastic for you to please fill this form. Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions. 

Looking forward to discussing your project idea!