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The GHF Academy is a pre-conference event of the GHF for academia organized on the 23rd of March (one day before the GHF). It offers 21 innovative training sessions on Global Health during a a full a day of networking with Universities worldwide (Europe, Africa, United-States, Australia, Canada etc. ) and NGOs in the field.
It was at first a closed event for only selected researchers in Public Health but now we have opened it to more participants who would like to broaden their knowledge on various fields in Public Health. The entrance fee for the GHF Academy is 100 CHF. This is separate cost from the normal registration to the GHF conference which is 300 CHF for all participants and 100 CHF for students.
Registration can be done on the website of the GHF by following the link below:
Once on the registration page, registrants should scroll down to the bottom of the page and select one of the two options
“GHF Academy only (23.03.2019)”
“GHF Academy + GHF 2020 (23-26.03.2019)”
They should then enter the following code ACAD2020 to continue the registration process and can contact us for any issue or query.

For further information, please contact Amy Sy: