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Resilience goes hand in hand with opportunity

The cancellation of the Open Geneva festival in March 2020 was an opportunity to rethink the operationalization of our mission, the efficiency of our tools and processes, and our role in this crisis as a promoter of open innovation.
Open Geneva reacted very quickly by launching the Fonds d'Innovation de Crise et de Résilience with the Canton of Geneva, the University of Geneva and the HES-SO Genève in June 2020. This experience of resilience has been a source of learning and the ground for new experiments. We set up new processes, developed new digital tools and strengthened our partnerships.

The Autumn of Innovation: warm-up for the March 2021 Innovation Festival

From August 27th to the end of November, Open Geneva invites you to explore, test, experiment with our tools and processes while innovating together in preparation for the 2021 Innovation Festival.

This new innovation highlight in Geneva will be punctuated by numerous hackathons and events dealing with different themes, such as smart cities, sustainable finance, refugee integration or global health. These events will allow hackathons and events organizers to test new formats, in person (according to current health standards), online or hybrid, and to use new digital tools for their organization. 

The Open Geneva community of innovators will be able to experiment with these new event formats, allowing everyone to test our tools and processes to accelerate their projects, network and develop their skills in the post-covid-19 era.

Join us and add your event to the already rich fall program!

In order to facilitate the definition and promotion of events on the Autumn of Innovation programme, the same registration system as for the festival programme will be offered from 25 July. Each organizer will be able to create their event on the open geneva website and manage their information. There will be no deadline to announce and register your event in the fall program! 

Open Geneva will work on a communication dedicated to this new innovation highlight in Geneva to highlight those who continue to innovate with us!

Registration for the program opens on July 25th: 

Together, let's grow the open innovation community!

The bigger our community is, the more visible the festival will be!