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Vision is an interdisciplinary field, which spans from basic research to clinical activity and everyday care. New technologies such as computational tools, artificial intelligence, prostheses, and molecular and genetic therapies are complementing the spectrum of activity in Vision.
This workshop will cover the broad field of vision research and clinical therapy: artificial intelligence, computer science, neuroengineering, cognition, system neuroscience, and medicine. It brings together the different expertises to start a transversal approach to vision. The goal is to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and the clinical translation of novel technology for human benefit.
This half-day event will include three lectures from experts and three short talks from young researchers.

Invited Experts

Anton Arkhipov is an investigator in the Modeling, Analysis, and Theory group at the Allen Institute. He applies high-performance computing to simulate neuronal activity in the mouse visual system.

Larry Benowitz is Professor of Neurosurgery and Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and holds the Neurosurgical Innovation and Research Endowed Professor ship at the  Boston Children's Hospital. His research is dedicated to the discovery of basic mechanisms that control the growth of nerve connections and apply insights from this work to promote regeneration and functional recovery after CNS injury.

Holly Bridge holds a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the Oxford Centre for functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain (FMRIB). She investigates the function of the human visual system, in particular how different visual areas contribute to the computation of depth, and how this changes in subjects who are lacking in depth perception. She is also interested in the changes of structure and function of the brain in subjects who are blind.

Jointly organized by BBP, BMI & CNP

The registration for this event is free but the number of seats is limited.