Jun 01, 2021

As the Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva continues to expand its capabilities, it is taking on new management responsibilities. As part of this, the Microsystems Platform (NMP) and the Preclinical Neuroscience Platform (PNP) are joining the FCBG. No change for the users! They will find their equipment, the support structure and the same desire to contribute to project development by offering cutting edge infrastructure. The platforms, which were previously supported by the Wyss Center, will now be managed by the FCBG, reinforcing its role as a service provider open not only to the academic community of the Campus, but also to the broader R&D, clinical and entrepreneurial community. The two platforms are led by engineer Michaël Stoeckel for the NMP and by veterinarian Vincent Lepori for the PNP. The other Campus Biotech Platforms include the HNP (Human Neuroscience Platform), the Health 2030 Genome Center DNA Sequencing Platform and the EPFL Bertarelli Foundation Gene Therapy Platform. The Wyss Center continues to contribute to the innovative capabilities available at Campus Biotech with its lightsheet imaging center; and welcomes opportunities to collaborate.