The Campus Biotech offers two biosafety levels neurosurgery areas (BSL-1 and BSL-2) to ensure the safety of users allowing them working with class II organisms when needed.

The Neurosurgery facility is dedicated to surgery on nervous structures such nerves, brain or spinal cord and includes surgery preparation rooms and surgery rooms fully equipped to perform stereotaxic and routine ophthalmic surgeries.

In addition, a standard electrophysiology workstation is also provided to perform in vivo neural recordings (intracellular recordings, patch clamp).



DKI 942 Stereotaxic instrument with digital display console (Bilaney)

Spinal stereotaxic instrument

Leica M80 optimal stereomicroscopes

Leica M220 F12 microscope

Leica M320 microscope with a state-of-the-art full High Definition camera integrated


STG4004 (4-channel stimulus generator)

PowerLab 8/35 data acquisition system

Patch clamp amplifiers (AM systems 2400)

Hum Bug 50/60 Hz Noise Eliminator

TDSS3014C oscilloscope

Model 900-A stereotaxic instrument