The Histology Core Facility (HCF) offers competences and equipment to perform fast, medium throughput histology processes like tissue processing, sectioning and staining for researchers.

The HCF provides routine work, training and assistance in setting up protocols for researchers. After training, users have access to the equipment in the core facility.

The facility is also equipped with two X-CLARITY™, the electrophoretic tissue clearing system II, producing structurally sound and transparent whole tissues ready for multiple rounds of antibody labeling and imaging; saving time and offering many possibilities, from tracing neural circuitry to exploring the relationship between structure and function.

The Campus Biotech offers to the researchers an up-to date cell culture resource, enabling to work in a controlled environment. The cell culture core is equipped with class II laminar flow hoods, incubators for cell lines and primary cell cultures and microscopes designed and programmed for real-life imaging, digital and archive:

  • Inverted routine Leica DM IL LED microscope with LED illumination for the transmitted-light method
  • Epifluorescent widefield Evos digital inverted microscope


Paraffin Embedding

Tissue Processor (VIP® 6) for paraffin embedding

Canova embedding module with cold plate

Freezing and Sectioning

SnapFrost® (Exilone)

Leica CM1950 cryostat

Leica CM3050 cryostat

VT1000 S Vibrating-blade microtome

HM 355S Microtome Thermo Scientific™


Leica ST5020 Multistainer in conjunction with the Leica CV5030 Coverslipper


Thermo Scientific PT Module: Antigen retriever for slide pre-treatment

Tissue clearing system

Two X-CLARITY™ II from Logos Biosystems