Mechatronic devices able to sense and act on the environment when this is a human or animal limb are at the base of studies on motor control and for the development of solutions for functional restoration and substitution after a paralysis.

The RHC facility includes devices able to provide force assistance, resistance and perturbation and force and motion measurement for body joints. The goal of the facility is to promote new projects and support ongoing collaborations involving upper and lower limb robots for rehabilitation, cognitive motor neuroscience, fMRI and VR integration and animal research. In this contest, the availability of equivalent animal and human equipment provides a unique translational platform in support of scientific and clinical human studies.

Silvestro Micera (EPFL), Olaf Blanke (EPFL) and John Donoghue (Wyss Center) are the professors providing scientific guidance for the development of the Facility. Dr. Martina Coscia (Wyss Center) is the manager of the facility.