Jun 07, 2019

Objects of science
Which of these seven scientific objects, all as astonishing and unusual as each other, will make an impact on the science of the future and will perhaps make their entry in the collections of the Museum of the History of Science?

The objects of science of Campus Biotech
From September 2018 until June 2019, various institutions from Campus Biotech have presented a scientific object, which was developed as part of the highly advanced research they are conducting at Campus Biotech. 
Each object was exhibited for a month in the lobby of the Campus Biotech and the members of Campus Biotech were invited to guess its use.
The objective was to provoke a reflection on the evolution of highly advanced science, and to question the most innovative objects that will go down in history and enter the history of science!
This project was carried out in collaboration with the Geneva Museum of the History of Science. It is the continuation of the enormously successful 2018 edition of the Night of Science at Campus Biotech.

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