The recruited post-doctoral scholar or advanced programmer will join the Laboratory of Multimodal Modeling of Emotion & Feeling (MMEF; Dir: Prof. D. Rudrauf), related to the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences & University Center for Computer Science (UNIGE).

Job Description

Job Description

The recruited candidate will integrate an interdisciplinary team, and interact with local and international networks of collaborators. At the MMEF, we combine computational models of psychological processes with Virtual Reality (VR) and robotics, for the advance of psychological and behavioral science. We are interested in simulating social interactions among artificial agents, and between artificial agents and human participants immersed in VR experiments. We aim at studying, predicting and testing mechanistic hypotheses about the role of cognitive and affective processes in the generation of adaptive and maladaptive behaviors. 

The recruited candidate will contribute to develop, implement and validate a computational model, the Projective Consciousness Model (PCM) (see Rudrauf et al., 2017), and apply it to artificial agents embodied in virtual humans for VR experiments, as part of a team effort and a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The work will be based on initial implementations from the MMEF Lab team, which includes software engineers and VR specialists, in addition to psychologists. The project will open a range of applications for basic psychological science and clinical research.   

Job Information

•    Contract-based employment
•    Start: as soon as possible

Candidates should send electronically an application with complete CV, academic grade records, and links to relevant prior publications or work, via email. Please send your application to


Required profile

We are looking for excellent candidates with an interest for psychological science and computational modeling, with the following expertise and experience.

Education and general skills 

  • A PhD degree, or a Master degree with at least 3 years of R&D, in Computer Science, Engineering, applied Mathematics or equivalent. 
  • Capacity and openness to work on challenging and multidisciplinary projects
  • Good interpersonal communication and collaboration skills 
  • Good spoken and written English. 
  • Good spoken and written French is a plus.

Technical skills and experience


  • Solid expertise in programming: C++ and/or C#, Python.
  • Expertise in applied mathematics: preferably linear algebra, projective geometry, and Bayesian inference 


  • Expertise in or strong interest for 3D game engines (Unity3d), artificial agent modeling and Virtual Reality 
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge in parallel computing encompassing both CPU and GPU processing, and optimization geared toward real time processing
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge in the management, processing and representation of large multimodal heterogenous datasets

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