Two groups from CNP have been selected (among six winners) to receive funding from the newly established Interdisciplinary Seed Fund, in order to launch high-risk, innovative projects, in collaboration with other EPFL groups.

The groups of Prof Courtine and Bloch (G-Lab) and Prof Ghezzi (Medtronic chair in neuroengineering, Laboratory of Neural Engineering) have received funding from the newly established Interdisciplinary Seed Fund, an initiative from EPFL presidency managed by Professor Anna Fontcuberta i Morral to stimulate collaborative, and innovative research accross EPFL.

Among 22 applicants, six projects were selected for funding, including two from CNP:

  • G-Lab (Prof Bloch and Courtine) will collaborate with Professor Alahi’s group (VITA) from ENAC to develop real-time imaging tools to monitor body posture and movements in non-supervised environments, so as to monitor and control motor deficits and refine neuromodulation therapies in patients.
  • Medtronic Chair in Neuroengineering, LNE (Prof Ghezzi) will work with Sandro Carrara (Integrated Circuits Laboratory, ICLAB) from STI, to develop a wireless implantable device based on ultra-small, individually addressable CMOS-pixels, embedded into a conformable mesh for easy surgical placement onto the human visual cortex.

Interestingly, among the four other funded projects, two are neuro-oriented, which demonstrates the dynamism of the EPFL neuro-community.

Congratulations to all recipients!

Funding: Interdisciplinary Seed Fund

Source: EPFL