The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Essential Open Source Software for Science supports the next round of DeepLabCut developments

The Mathis Lab and the Mathis Group receive a new round of funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) Essential Open Source Software for Science program as their first EPFL grant, to continue to develop DeepLabCut (DLC), a cutting edge, open source software package for animal pose estimation.

DLC has been downloaded 165'000 times so far, and aggregates a vibrant community. The new round of funding will allow the team (Mackenzie Mathis, Jessy Lauer and Alexander Mathis) to continue to develop DeepLabCut (DLC) for the benefit of the whole neuroscience community, with emphasis on the development of a new DLC CookBook allowing both novice and advanced users to understand and use more of DLC’s capabilities, and the integration of DLC with Napari, the latest Python viewer.