May 02, 2021

After about five years of construction, the large glass roof of Campus Biotech has been successfully opened. This spectacular structure is one of the largest mobile glass roofs in the world. Its glass surface measures 1000 square meters and has a counterweight of more than 100 tons and 18 hydraulic cylinders to allow the opening.
It was a real challenge for our team, especially during this particular period, to reconstitute the team that had built this structure in 2006: we worked with a German civil engineer, used a steel structure from Fribourg and Spanish hydraulic jacks, while collaborating with Italy, France, Spain and even the Netherlands: what a pleasure to find some of them, still working fifteen years later! 
In winter, as soon as the sun appears through the windows of the Forum, like a greenhouse, heat is naturally produced and accumulates under the roof.
On the other hand, in summer, this heat is evacuated by means of the openings on the façades and two large doors of more than 10m high located at the back of the Forum.  However, the heat accumulated under the roof remains trapped.  Now, by opening the roof of the Forum by about 50cm to 1m, all this heat can escape from above.
Immediately, the climate of the Forum becomes pleasant again and without any energy expenditure.
In addition, Campus Biotech is participating in the SIG_Genève eco21 program to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the entire site. Aligned with the objectives of the Swiss Confederation (Energy Strategy 2050) and the Canton of Geneva (2000W Society), it aims to make the Lake Geneva region the most energy efficient in the world.