Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva (FCBG) is opening 1-2 MSc intern positions in 2021 in its Virtual Reality and Robotics (VR & Robotics) Facility. The goal is to provide opportunities to develop new functionalities for the Facility, in close collaboration with research projects.

Description du poste

Researchers who have a project requiring VR, robotic developments or 3D simulation that may be of interest for the larger community are encouraged to apply. 

The interns will join the VR & Robotics Facility engineering team of the Human Neuroscience Platform (HNP), while working under the scientific supervision of the PI promoting the research project and the manager or the engineers of the facility.

Proposals will be analyzed and selected by the Facility team and the VR & Robotics Faculty Advisors Profs D. Bavelier, O. Blanke and S. Micera.

Subjects of interest:

The proposed research projects should include a technical part (development and outcomes for the platform). Please note that projects also containing an experimental part are more likely to be selected.

Examples of technical development include (but are not limited to): accurate real-time motion capture of body, hands or faces, biofeedback, EEG-VR/AR integration, use of real-time avatars, naturalistic environments, augmented reality interaction, TMS/AR, robotic arm + AR…

All research domains are welcome, including (but not limited to): cognitive neuroscience, sensory illusions, brain-machine interfaces, clinical applications…


Profil requis

After the selection of projects, we are looking for excellent candidates with a strong engineering background (programming skills, interests in 3D computer graphics, knowledge of real-time systems, etc.), and a strong interest or initial background in neuroscience/bioengineering.

The internship is for MSc level students performing their 6 months final research project. The position is full-time at FCBG at Campus Biotech.

Contact person: facility team: 

Procedure: Please fill in the attached form and join the CVs if any. The due date is October 11th, 2020


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