Lieu / Hôte

Dear Campus Biotech Members,

Eva Zornio, artist in residence at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, UNIGE, is pleased to invite you to discover from May 2nd to May 31st her video installation To poke gently in the ribs which is presented in front of the main Campus Biotech auditorium, right next to the stairs. The artist's practice plays with composing and decomposing interactions and seeks to unfold structures. Her work is informed and formed by ideas of embodiment, affects, fictions and networks. It operates on the field of contemporary society, with the multiplication of the points of view, away from dualism.

Like a fitness instructor, a black-suited operator invites us to follow her movements. As the video unfolds, we discover that it is to our affects that this human figure is appealing...

For any questions you can contact her at :