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Campus Biotech

Date: May 22th, 1pm, 

Duration: 45 minutes

Place: H8-01-D

Description: Speaker name: Mostafa El Maghraby, PhD

Title: "Scaling Up Single Cell Genomics with Parse Biosciences »

Description: " Parse Biosciences is providing a new approach to single-cell RNAseq that is cutting time and cost off of traditional droplet-based methods. In summary the Parse technology

 - Works with fixed cells or nuclei, with no limits on cell size.

- Can profile 10K to 1M cells across 1-96 samples in a single assay.

- Requires no equipment and is 10-20 times cheaper at scale than 10x Genomics.

- Offers unmatched gene detection and sensitivity.

- Allows comprehensive TCR sequencing and CROP-seq at unprecedented scale.

On our website, you'll also find data sets, and frequently asked questions.

Organizer: Quentin Barraud, .NeuroRestore, INX EPFL

Coffee will be offered.