Lieu / Hôte

Date : December 6, 2024
Place : International Management School Geneva, Suisse

Campus Biotech - chemin des Mines 9 – 1202 Genève - Switzerland

Scientific management : Profs. Jean-Marie Peretti, Yves Rossetti, François Bert et Richard Delaye-Habermacher


In an age marked by rapid and profound changes in our relationship with reality, it is becoming crucial to develop and strengthen our capacity for discernment, intuition and intimate conviction in order to face contemporary challenges. Technological, social and economic changes are overturning established norms and forcing us to rethink our approaches to management, ethics and governance.

Discernment, defined as the ability to judge clearly and wisely, is essential for assessing complex situations and making informed decisions (Sadler-Smith, 2010). Intuition, on the other hand, plays a key role in complex and rapid decisions, offering effective solutions based on experience and heuristics (Gigerenzer, 2007). For Chammas (2021), the importance of intuition in decision-making is increasingly recognized as an indispensable complement to rational analysis. This intuitive ability, often neglected, is becoming essential in a changing world, where managers have to navigate through constant uncertainty (Klein, 1998). Intimacy, that deeply held personal belief, also influences our decisions and can guide our judgment in ambiguous situations.

This research day aims to explore how discernment, intuition and inner conviction can be integrated and taken into account in our decision-making processes to better respond to current transformations. We invite you to take part in discussions on "Deciding in the face of change: between intuition, conviction and discernment".  

This meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by current transformations, and to propose innovative solutions for navigating the different spheres we come into contact with.

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