Bio-instrumentation and Micro-engineering Laboratory

The team

The Bio-instrumentation and Micro-engineering laboratory run by Professor Philippe Passeraub joined the HEPIA antenna in 2015 to complete the array of necessary technologies for projects in the heart of Campus Biotech, such as the design and miniaturisation of sensors and transducers, as well as the realisation of new testing and medical analysis systems. The laboratory also develops skills in manufacturing procedures, such as printing functional inks. This enables, for example, the development of ultra-fine sensors or even biosensors sensitive to a specific biomarker. Through this antenna of Micro and Bioengineering at HEPIA, other relevant skills, such as handling medical images, augmented reality and new tomography applications through optical coherence (Prof. Valérie Duay & Prof. Stéphane Bourquin) will be made available to the Campus Biotech research groups through collaborations.