Narly Golestani obtained a PhD in Clinical Psychology at McGill University (Montreal, Canada). After a post-doc at the INSERM (Orsay, France) and another at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (University College London, London, UK), in 2009 she was awarded a Prize of Excellence for women at the University of Geneva. In 2012, following her appointment as SNSF Professor, she founded the Brain and Language Lab at the University of Geneva. Since 2018 she has been Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and of Education Sciences (FPSE) at the University of Geneva. Her research group uses methods such as high and ultra-high resolution (3T and 7T) functional and structural MRI, diffusion tensor imaging and submillimeter myelin mapping together with advanced computational methods to study neural bases of auditory processing, of language processing and learning, of multilingualism, and of brain plasticity. The group also uses these approaches to study the neural underpinnings of a reading disorder, dyslexia, in order to elucidate the brain functional and structural features in this disorder, with a view for developing novel remediation tools for this disorder.