The team

The Laboratory for Mapping Cerebral Functions, under the leadership of Professor Christoph Michel (Unige), is dedicated to the study of neuronal networks on a large scale in the brain. Within a translational and multi-disciplinary approach, these networks are studied in humans and animals using functional imaging methods, particularly EEG.  There are currently 20 people working in the laboratory, with one part that straddles the clinical element and the research aspect. It consists of doctors, biologists, psychologists, physicians and biomedical engineers. The laboratory develops techniques for analysing spatio-temporal signals with the aim of characterising neuronal electric activity in time and space. They make it possible to study the organisation and dynamic of the human brain networks that characterise mental functions, as well as their disruption in patients affected by brain disorders such as epilepsy, schizophrenia and autism. The laboratory has developed a model for animal neuronal networks on a large scale with a high resolution EEG system for mice and rats. This unique model makes it possible to conduct studies into the development of neuronal networks and pathological disturbances.