Research Team

Child Development Laboratory

The team

The research focus of the Child Development Laboratory is on the science of early child development and the concept that brains are built over time.
This is an ongoing process that starts before birth and continues into adulthood. We study effects of adverse events prenatally, preterm birth and its effects on brain development, both in structure and in function.
The research group therefore includes Pediatricians, Specialists in Newborn Medicine, Developmental Pediatricians, Pediatric Neurologists, Developmental Psychologists, Experts in developmental neuroscience, Neuroimaging experts.
Our research is supported by the SNF, the European Union and private foundations.

The group Members are:
Professor Petra S Hüppi, MD
Dr. Cristina Borradori-Tolsa, MD
Dr. Russia Ha Vinh Leuchter, MD
Dr. Marie Pascale Pittet, MD
Maria Chiara Liverani, PhD
Jiske de Albuquerque, PhD
Vanessa Siffredi, PhD
Djalel Meskaldij, PhD
Serafeim Loukas, PhD student
Lorena Freitas, PhD student
Joana De Almeida, PhD student
Charlotte Vandormael, Master student
Alexandre Caddoux, Master student