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Innovating in research, is it a tautology? The question arises legitimately since the research process is based on new approaches and new methods that aim to generate new knowledge.

Innovation in research also raises the question of the transition from fundamental research to its application and questions the profession of researcher, which is increasingly based on entrepreneurial skills. In fact, these skills enable the researcher to discover, innovate and manage projects and teams.

Finally, we will raise the question of the role of Geneva, capital of global governance in the research and innovation ecosystem, and how this very particular Geneva framework influences the challenges in terms of research and innovation.

In this context, this round table will highlight Geneva's role in "Science Diplomacy", especially in the humanitarian field, and will also discuss new approaches in the field of research and knowledge transfer and related needs.
Target groups: the research community of the UNIGE and other Swiss Higher Education Institutions, representatives of international organizations in Geneva, citizens interested in research, innovation and human rights.
The event will be followed by a networking cocktail.