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Feel like working for a better fashion industry, with a positive impact on the people and the planet?

Sign up to the fashion hackaton for sustainability:   

Join Allure Sauvage for the Sustainable Fashion Hackathon of Open Geneva & Fashion Revolution in the beautiful building of Campus Biotech in Geneva. An exceptional, 24-hour free event with a common objective: to find sustainable solutions to the following challenges: design, supply chain, retail, consumption and many more. 
Bring your laptop, choose your challenge and your team, and together find innovative solutions for a better fashion industry. 

Here are a few of the projects that you will have the chance of working on:
EssCode Challenge: create an online marketplace for sustainable fashion
Fashion Revolution Challenge: develop a communication strategy to promote the world Fashion Revolution week
Transparency and Technology: how can digitalisation and automatisation of the apparel supply chain allow more transparency?
Hy Bye Challenge: how can we reduce the waste of resources in the design process?
And more!
Coaches will be available to help develop your ideas and offer their support – create and expand your network throughout this unique event!

Each participant will receive a certificate and who knows, maybe your team will receive the prize of the best project!
Prizes are kindly offered by our partners:
Baume Watches, Impact Hub, Creature & A New York Affair

Image Credits : Strawberry Earth Fair