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Pained, delighted, frustrated, disoriented? The current crisis reveals the place our emotions occupy in a professional context. But can these emotions also be allies in a crisis situation?

Donald Glowinski, a specialist in emotional skills and researcher in neuropsychology, invites employers, entrepreneurs, employees and the self-employed to reappreciate the fundamental role of our emotions in crisis situations. You will discover how the emotional skills you develop through your job and your relationships are a key resource for acting effectively. Registration here.

The conference is free and open to all, upon registration. It marks the launch of the continuing education session "Acting in the crisis: Emotional competencies", in partnership with FER Geneva, which will start on March 2nd. The training is interactive and takes place in workshops of 10 people during which a large part of the time will be devoted to situations experienced by the participants in their professional context. The training will allow to approach them from different angles and to consider possible actions, while taking into account the emotional charge expressed. Find more information here.