The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & associations (IFPMA) has just launched the #TeamVaccines campaign, a global digital campaign designed to build confidence in COVID-19 vaccines.
The film tells the human stories of real people involved in the making of COVID-19 vaccines; people from around the world who work within the biopharmaceutical industry and who have been affected by the global pandemic in many of the same ways everyone has – balancing work and home schooling, supporting family members and friends, dealing with illness and loss - all the while working to help advance science and urgently bring new COVID-19 vaccines to the world.
The biopharmaceutical industry, academia, governments and regulators have come together to rise to the challenge of our age. We have accelerated R&D and delivered vaccines in record time, and are making vaccines in huge numbers that have not been seen before. But we are doing it in the way we always do – to the highest of scientific and regulatory standards. The #TeamVaccines campaign shows how the biopharmaceutical industry embraces rigorous independent scientific evaluation and robust independent approval processes. Not just scientifically, but also in the way the COVID-19 vaccines are being produced, distributed and monitored.
#TeamVaccines is all of us united by a shared goal: end the suffering, protect the ones we love, and help the world get back to normal.
Discover #TeamVaccines here.